Jul 15, 2010

Dominican Republic (2009)

Hello Everyone! This post is Waaaay overdue!  Last year I traveled (sans hubby)  to the Dominican Republic for an important International Convention.  I was there a total of 6 days and while I had to take care of some business, I also made certain to make time for leisure;)

The Dominican holds quite a special place in my heart, you see some years ago when I was a single gal  I had the privilege to partake in an important Educational Mission Program. This mission led me to San Francisco de Macoris, the third largest city in the DR, and a place I would call home for quite some time. Contrary to stereotypes and wide generalizations, the DR is much, much more than all-Inclusive Resorts off the coast of Punta Cana. It is a country rich in culture, diversity, and color, albeit still poor in economic resources. What truly makes this country special is its people. They are some of the happiest, liveliest, warmest individuals I have ever met. It is this welcoming warmth, their unyielding tenacity to continue smiling despite tragedy, that keeps me returning time and time again. It is no surprise then that DR has ranked at the top of the World's Happiest Countries! Here is another reason I love it so .....It is absolutely beautiful! Hope the following pictures do it some justice:

(you haven't lived until you've had a typical, home-made Dominican Mangu with fried cheese, avocado and Salami as a side, worth every single calorie!)

Isla Saona

(was missing the hubs. so I decided to draw him next to me enjoying that sunset on Bayaibe Beach:)

( with a little natural sun-touched color..)

(at the Convention)

Hope you enjoyed a little piece of one of my favorite countries in the world and a place that is home away from home...

Next up. A sisterly soiree in San Fransisco!


weezermonkey said...

That sunset is insane!

Ms. Pony said...

So many amazing shots! Gorgeous:)