Sep 16, 2010

New: Ces't La Vie Events Fine Art Photography Shop

Hello all! So sorry for abandoning my beloved travel blog. I still owe you  the San Fransisco Trip pictures that I promised months ago (yikes!) I apologize.... I have legitimately  been very busy on so many projects, one of them being channeling my passion and love for photography and art into a business:)  I wanted to share the good news with you lovely ladies as well as provide you with the link to my new Fine Art Photography Shop where you can find the pefect print to decorate your home, office, business space or as the perfect personalized gift!!!!

I currently have three galleries with many of travel prints you have seen featured on this blog. They are the following:



and Oceania....

Each week I will be adding a new featured gallery, so please make sure to stop by often. Information is posted on side bar as well.

I will be back with many travel related updates!



Thank you!

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