Jun 8, 2010

San Fransisco and The Dominican Republic

Hello Readers! I apologize once again for my mini-hiatus. I have been very, very busy with work and life in general, all positive things. But once again I have neglected my travel blog.
Please be on the lookout for upcoming posts on a recent trip to San Fransisco for a sisterly get-a-way as well as a business/leisure escapade I took to the Dominican Republic back in November of 2009 that I never got the chance to share....

Both Coming soon!


Leslie said...

I found your blog after following a link on a different website where you were asking advice on which camera to buy. The post is a couple of years old, but I am wondering, what camera did you end up with? Your pictures are amazing! I want to upgrade from my point and shoot, but not even sure where to start as a beginner! By the way, your travel blog has inspired me to start my own!

Holiday in South Africa said...

South Africa is a heady mix of third and first world cultures – along with the best and least crowded beaches in the world.

Ly said...

@Leslie, thank you! I ended up with a Nikon D60. I also purchased various lenses. I am incredibly satisfied. Looking to upgrade to the D90 and to a 50 mm 1.8 lens soon:)

@Holiday, great analysis. I agreee!