Feb 4, 2013

Back from Puerto Rico

Just returned from a delicious week-and-a-half work/pleasure trip to sunny Puerto Rico. I never tire of visiting this fabulous little island, for far more than the obvious gorgeous beaches, delicious food and electric ambiance.

I will be posting a brief recap of our stay there, complete with pictures. For now, I will link the main reason I traveled there - to shoot a special engagement session in Old San Juan.

(Culebra Island. . Excuse quality, taken with  my phone)

Please click here for all the juicy details on the engagement shoot and plenty of captures.

Promise to be back soon with updates.



Jan 2, 2013

Brazil and Argentina 2012 - Part Two


Rio de Janeiro Brazil. is so much more than Praia, or beach...

Or exotic fruits and sucos (juices)

Or delicious cured meats like LinguiƧa (pork sausage)

Or colorful favelas (shanty towns)

So much  more..

The main purpose of our trip to Rio was to attend a special International convention as delegates from the U.S. We stayed at the Sheraton Leblon and were not disappointed. Although distance-wise it is a bit removed from the popular Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, the views, resort amenities and comfort is well worth the price. Not to mention the luxury of a private beach.  The hotel also conveniently provides free shuttles to and from the hotel to as many popular visitor destinations in Rio as possible. There are also other options to get around, including mini van shuttles the locals use ( I would proceed with caution using these unless you are somewhat fluent in Portuguese. Also, be warned, the mini-van chauffeurs do not believe in respecting speeding limits or safety precaution. It was one of the shortest but scariest rides of my life.:) You could always walk from the hotel down to Ipanema and Copacabana, which we did a few nights. Makes for a great little work-out and perfect opportunity to soak in the sights and sounds as well as the exotic Cariocas themselves.

Of course, visiting Corcovado to see Cristo Redentor is a must.

Artisan Night Market on Copa Cabana is a must-stop

Captures of some of the beautiful, exotic, warm and friendly Cariocas...

And more of iconic Rio...

A Capirinha  or Carpiroska is a must when in Rio. 

Hope you enjoyed. Many of these prints now available in my Fine Art Photography ETSY Shop - C'est La Vie Art. I invite you to browse my gallery, you might find the ideal artwork for an empty wall or personalized gift. 

Oct 10, 2012

Argentina and Brazil 2012 - Part One

This past August we had the marvelous opportunity to travel to two fascinating countries: Argentina and Brasil.

Although neighboring countries of South America that share a few borders (and a waterfall,)they share little else. When it comes to culture, geography and even climate, you couldn't find two more distinct places. Night and Day. Where Argentina is an architectural,  historical and cultural gem with a rich European ancestry; Brazil is the exotic, tropical, adventurous paradise you want to escape to after you become jaded with the aforementioned history and architecture...

I will keep my narrative succinct. As always, pictures author the story so much better than I ever could. Let them write our journey in through Buenos Aires, Mendoza, and Rio De Janeiro for you...

We arrived to Buenos Aires with no specific expectations or set itinerary, but a lot of anticipation.  Decided to let our moods and the city ambiance determine what we would do and see...

This resulted in the following routine:  Explore city, eat Churrasco and all the other marvelous fare of Argentine cuisine, listen and dance Tango, drink Cortados, and Malbec.  Rinse, lather, repeat. A cycle we did not tire of quickly (with exception to the meat, unlike my husband I am no carnivore, I had my fill of steak after day two:)

Our stay in BA coincided with their yearly Tango Festival, fortunately for us we encountered quite a few street performers who took our breath away with their gorgeous renditions of Milonga.

*All pictures taken by me, C'est La Vie Photography. 

We were so inspired we decided to check out the National Academy of Tango and observe some Tango classes:

In between dance performances and exploring this intriguing city, we would happen upon one of the many delightful outdoor bistros or corner cafes that in BA, are quite ubiquitous.   So reminiscent of those found in Paris, Rome or Barcelona, more importantly like their European counterparts, they offered one of my favorite treats of all: a cup of espresso, with a shot of milk. A cortado, or two. Or an Argentine Pastry, or two... Divine.

Simply Divine...

Or stop at a Vinoteca for a smooth glass of Malbec, or two...

Not to mention the delectable culinary treats with great Italian influences, quite frankly some of the best Italian fare we've tasted outside of Italy...

And of course, could not forget the Churrasco, Argentina's iconic plate, Kevin thoroughly enjoyed every bite, which is why I have few pictures to show for it. Ha!

My hubby being far more adventurous than I, tried every single grilled protein he was offered at Parillada,   including "Plinilla" grilled kidneys and hearts. This specific Parillada, was off the beaten path but recommended by locals - El Remanso. Incredibly delicious and super affordable

At Juan M's one of the finer restaurants in BA, fine Churrasco and Malbec for far less than what you would pay in the U.S.

We explored  Barrio La Boca and the famous Caminito, and plenty of other areas of Buenos Aires that make it the fascinating, intense, city of contrasts it is...

While in BA we stayed in San Telmo, the oldest neighborhood of the city which was formerly inhabited by Italian immigrants.  Our lodging of choice was The Moreno Hotel, a 1930's Art Deco Building, with loft-like hotel rooms. The hubs and I highly recommend this place. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the room. However, if you'd like to see for yourself, click on this link, our room was the first thumbnail of the second row of pictures. Large enough to fit a family of 10!  

We then boarded a Luxury Bus line that took us on a road-trip across Argentina to the Western region and what is known as Mendoza,or wine country...

and the majestic Andes Mountains...

Next up, Brazil.... Stay tuned.

Many of these pictures will soon be available in my ETSY Fine Art Shop, C'est La Vie, very soon...