Apr 15, 2010


Ireland. Truly a fascinating, freeing, fresh,  formidable, fantastic place for to frolic and have fun... (stop me before I think of 10 more adjectives that start with the letter "f" to describe this amazing land!;)

The Emerald Isle is unlike any of the European countries we've visited in the past. With the exception of it's mostly gritty and grimy urban capital, Dublin - with its familiar modern tram system, city center choc' full of stores, chic restaurants and the ever ubiquitous pubs - Ireland is a country who's unique history, people and natural beauty separate it from its counterparts.

A place where you are isolated in the most comforting and delicious way possible.
A pastoral paradise of sorts surrounded by dark blue Atlantic waters, green-hued hills dotted with quaint villages and small farms, robust cows, fluffy white sheep and an ocassional Black Sheep of the family. ( Literarally, not methaphorically:)

A place where you can rent out  an entire authentic 500-year old Gaelic castle, complete with the original stone walls and fireplaces, and truly escape from the modern world (well almost, we did have electricity and hot running water and two dishwashers and electric blankets...but no TVs, Wi-Fi or satellite...so there. In essence we were truly escaping! ;) An  experience like none other  we had undergone before -
  waking up to the sun streaming through your castle windows illuminating the colossal Lord's chamber with  its  arched stone ceilings and  weathered wood floors and heading down to the kitchen for a familial meal and up to the great hall with its Gothic candlebras and authentic 17th century fireplace that still worked!  Grandiose & heartwarming & cozy & marvelous and incredibly hard to describe in words - hope the pictures do some justice to this unforgettable place.  Would want to stay in a fancy hotel when you could stay here? So much incredible history and character...we miss it so..our castle away from home;)
A place where we could purchase delicious, fresh, organic produce from the local farmers (our castle neighbors), and savor the most delectable potatoes and carrots you have ever tasted. A place where you could find local pubs that served the most life-altering fresh oysters picked just that morning from their backyard porch - the Atlantic Ocean. The kind of oysters that melt in your mouth like buttah...an edible ocean treat.

Check out the pilot we filmed at Moran's Oyster Cottage.  Planning to send it to the Travel Channel and make Mike's shucking abilities known.  (pardon all the silly questioning, including what his name was when it was clearly written all over his apron in bold white letters, either the beer was getting to us or we were delirious from the awesomeness of the oysters;)  Oh an dGotta love that accent!

A place where you learned the true meaning of the Black Stuff. That notorious brew that has become a household name and basically put Ireland on the map, (no I'm not talking about  Jameson, albeit that is another amazing liquid that should be honored all on its own.)  A place where I was able to witness my husband - a true beer enthusiast- light up like a kid at a candy store when he walked into the Guinness Storehouse and became a certified Guinness Pint Pourer...

A place where a group of good friends were able to unwind, and relax and thoroughly and unequivocally enjoy each other's company and laugh... and ...laugh...and eat....and dance...and laugh...and drink...and eat...and laugh...and did I mention laugh?:)

Enough of my description of this "place". Let's let the pictures tell the story...


My hubby preparing the Brady Bunch Van we rented to explore Ireland. And another view of our amazing castle.

apparently, everybody wanted to wear my hot-pink, mohair Irish scarf;)

my sister's unique fashion sense

my hubby caught whispering sweet nothings to me;)

the night the guys treated us to a home-cooked dinner. you know meat was on the menu;)

our last breakfast at the castle. I made a Spanish Fritata that was a hit:)

hubba. hubba;)


*all pictures labeled Ces't la vie events- photography are my own. These were used and published for a travel article on Dublin.


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Holy crap. All your travels look amazing. How in the hell do you afford all that? I'll never get to see the world. I'm glad I can at least look at pictures.

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Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a great time!