Jan 2, 2013

Brazil and Argentina 2012 - Part Two


Rio de Janeiro Brazil. is so much more than Praia, or beach...

Or exotic fruits and sucos (juices)

Or delicious cured meats like LinguiƧa (pork sausage)

Or colorful favelas (shanty towns)

So much  more..

The main purpose of our trip to Rio was to attend a special International convention as delegates from the U.S. We stayed at the Sheraton Leblon and were not disappointed. Although distance-wise it is a bit removed from the popular Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, the views, resort amenities and comfort is well worth the price. Not to mention the luxury of a private beach.  The hotel also conveniently provides free shuttles to and from the hotel to as many popular visitor destinations in Rio as possible. There are also other options to get around, including mini van shuttles the locals use ( I would proceed with caution using these unless you are somewhat fluent in Portuguese. Also, be warned, the mini-van chauffeurs do not believe in respecting speeding limits or safety precaution. It was one of the shortest but scariest rides of my life.:) You could always walk from the hotel down to Ipanema and Copacabana, which we did a few nights. Makes for a great little work-out and perfect opportunity to soak in the sights and sounds as well as the exotic Cariocas themselves.

Of course, visiting Corcovado to see Cristo Redentor is a must.

Artisan Night Market on Copa Cabana is a must-stop

Captures of some of the beautiful, exotic, warm and friendly Cariocas...

And more of iconic Rio...

A Capirinha  or Carpiroska is a must when in Rio. 

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