Jul 2, 2012

2012 Travels to Date.

I apologize for my hiatus from the travel blog. The truth is,so far this year we haven't done much in terms of traveling. The bigger trips are scheduled for August, where we will be traveling to Argentina and Brazil. Currently still planning the last minute details of that trip, but the anticipation is slowly building:)

We have managed a few weekend escapes however, back in February we took a road-trip to Burlington, Vermont and Quebec City, Canada.  Then in April I traveled to Florida to visit my maternal grandparents to   take a very special Photo Shoot of them, more on that later on in the post.

Here are a few snapshots of our road-trip to VT and QC, sorry about picture quality, all taken with my Blackberry.

Lake Champlain, VT

Ice Fishing on Lake Champlain

It was freezing and snowing in Quebec City, hence our bundled selves:)

Ice Sculpture Festival in Quebec


Hanging out at a popular pub in Burlington, VT

With good friends:)


In April I had the absolute honor to photograph some of the most important people in my life:  My maternal Grandparents, who are eighty-two and seventy-nine years young, respectively. My sisters and I lovingly call them "Nani and Tati" and not a day goes by that we not take for granted what a privilege it is to have both of them in our lives. These two are incredibly special to all of us and I wanted to commemorate them with a Photo Shoot on the beach, one of their favorite natural settings. And so I traveled to Jensen Beach, Florida to visit them, spend quality time and take this memorable shoot.   They also allowed me to style them and I believe these shots captured their unique, interesting and comical personalities and  relationship dynamic to a tee! But First some shots of my brief trip to Florida:

The Mango Tree in my Grandmother's Backyard

My beloved grandpa enjoying a cold beer on a hot day

Vintage pictures of my grandparents, hope to get them restored. What a handsome couple!

Jensen Beach, Florida

And now, some favorites from our Photo Shoot:

More images and details on this Shoot and many more on my Business Blog, C'est La Vie.

And that is all the "traveling" we've done thus far. We do have a special camping trip planned for mid-July to Cape Cod,MA, so I'll be sure to document that little adventure and dedicate a post to it, in case others enjoy the beauty of camping as we do.

Stay tuned and as always, thank you so much for reading.

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