Mar 26, 2010

Ireland Teasers.

The Emerald Isle was everything we envisioned and more. Suffice to say Ireland is definitely a country worth visiting again and again.

I have so many anecdotes and adventures to share, I don't know where to begin. How about with a few teaser pictures to start?

The incredible 500 year old Gaelic Castle we rented for a week. The entire structure was ours. Staying here was an unforgettable experience alone.

Much more where these came from soon...

Hope you enjoy!


Allison aka Half of VAMH said...

Looking forward to more! We are headed there in the next month!

weezermonkey said...


MsHark said...

I loved Ireland soo much! I think I have the exact same picture of myself standing in front of the castle, all frigid and shivering!! We went in March too so I bet we had the same weather.

Anyway I saw Fodors is having a travel photo contest and I immediately thought of your Africa pictures, you should totally look into it!

Steph (MsHark from the nest travel board!)

Ly said...

Thank you all! Allison, you are going to LOVE Ireland. Weezer, sheep are everywhere!!!

@MsHark, did you also stay at the Ballyportry castle in Corofin? We loved that place so much, I couldn't get over waking up every morning in the Lord and Lady's 11th Century "chamber" (of course they didn't have the electric blankets to keep them warm like we did:)

Thank you so much for thinking about me for the Fodor's Africa pics contest. I haven't read about the contest, would love to get more info?

Thank you again!